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Wurz 'Ee II
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Wurz 'Ee II!
released on Loose Records (LSECD94) on 24th July 2009

Get Orf My Land CD Wurz 'Ee II (LSECD94) is The Mangledwurzels' second full album release. It was recorded at Handsome Llama studios in Frome, Somerset between July 2008 and May 2009, and produced by Will Angeloro.

Inspired by the legacy of Adge Cutler’s songwriting, the trio have put together a collection of their own compositions which they hope will stand up alongside the songs of the original 'Bard of Avonmouth' as a Scrumpy & Western album in its own right.

Wurz ‘Ee II is a wholly studio-based album allowing the band the luxury of including much more instrumentation than you would expect to hear from them at a normal Mangledwurzels gig.

Guitarist, and composer of half of the album’s tracks, Seth Pitt explained: "We wanted to record an album which showcased our songs, so have taken advantage of the studio setting to do this. We’ve done most of the instrumentation ourselves; and drafted in friend and session musician Dozy Trowel to do the drumming and percussion which adds a new dimension to the recording."

Jethro Tool, the band’s keyboard player and songwriter, was jubilant at the release of Wurz ‘Ee II: "It’s took rather longer to record than we had hoped, but now it’s complete we are all tremendously proud of the new album. There are fifteen songs on the album, and they are a cross-section of the Scrumpy & Western genre with a sprinkling of folk, a pinch of country, even a gob of punk! – all served up with plenty of cider, local character, rural humour and charm. We like it – and hopefully so will our fans."

Wurz ‘Ee II is released on Loose Records – the record label who had the real Wurzels on their books in the 1990s. It is now only available as Download from iTunes, CDBaby, and, or to hear on Spotify and Napster. The album’s artwork was shot in the fields of Somerset cheese makers Wyke Farms - the bands’ new sponsors – and gives the whole album a real rural West Country ambiance.

Track listing

  1. I Can Drive A Tractor [Blades] 4:19
  2. Shepton Sheep [D.J. Sampson] 2:52
  3. Cider Be Good For 'Ee [Blades, D.J. Sampson] 3:20
  4. The Poacher & The Gamekeeper [D.J. Sampson] 2:48
  5. No Sheep 'Til Ammerdown [Tristan O'Neill, adapt. Blades] 2:17
  6. Valleys Girl [Blades] 2:35
  7. Listening To The Archers [D.J. Sampson, Steffe] 2:55
  8. Porthemmet [Blades] 3:56
  9. Five Miles An Hour [Blades] 3:04
  10. Farrington Gurney [D.J. Sampson] 3:38
  11. I Likes Cider (The Flatulence Song) [Blades] 2:33
  12. The Rat Song [D.J. Sampson] 3:56
  13. I've Been Everywhere (In Somerset) [Geoff Mack, adapt. Blades] 4:07
  14. Somerset Maid [Blades, S Carroll] 3:04
  15. Beta Vulgaris Vulgaris (The Mangold-wurzel) [D.J. Sampson] 0:51