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Mangledwurzels FAQ

  • Where do The Mangledwurzels come from?

The Mangledwurzels are a band based in North East Somerset. Hedge was born and bred in Shepton Mallet, Seth was born in Farrington Gurney and now lives in Midsomer Norton, and Jethro Too! our newest member, was born in Nunney.

  • Can I book The Mangledwurzels for...?

Of course - you can book the The Mangledwurzels for gigs, parties, weddings, agricultural shows, cider and beer festivals or farmers balls. Call Dave on 01761 416635 or check the bookings page on the website.
It is a cliche to say 'book early to avoid disappointment', but please do! After having to tell a visibly upset young lady that we couldn't play at her wedding seven months hence because we were already booked, we much prefer people to arrange things as early as they can. The band calendar will tell you when the band is unavailable, but this does not show pending enquiries.

  • Are you the real Wurzels?

No, The Mangledwurzels are a Scrumpy & Western tribute to Adge Cutler & The Wurzels. The real Wurzels are still very much active, and have hardly aged since their number 1 hit in the 1976; most probably thanks to the quantity of cider they have consumed over the years.

  • How can I book/see the real Wurzels?

Give their manager Sil Wilcox a call; check The Wurzels website for booking details. If you want to see The Wurzels live, check the gig guide on the unofficial fans website Wurzelmania!

  • What is Scrumpy & Western music?

Scrumpy & Western music has its roots in a variety of sources including jazz, folk, pop, music hall and rock 'n' roll, but can't be easily categorised. According to Bob Barratt, who produced Adge Cutler & the Wurzels' records at EMI "It is impossible to define Wurzel-music. It's not really pop - it's not really comedy. It has been disowned by the West of England Folk-Song Society, and Adge was black-balled from the Long Ashton Jazz Appreciation Group on account of it".
Adge Cutler himself said: "I suppose you can call the sort of music I write 'good-time' folk. I have hardly ever written a sad song. I write songs so that people can sing them. They have got to be simple for me to sing them."
See the Scrumpy & Western website for more about this genre of music.

  • What songs do The Mangledwurzels play?

The Mangledwurzels play Wurzels songs - Adge Cutler classics and the 70s Wurzels hits - blended with self-penned titles and pop standards 'Mangled' in true Wurzels tradition.

  • Why don't you play {insert Wurzels' song here}?

Adge Cutler was a prolific songwriter, and since his death The Wurzels have continued to record and release songs. The Wurzelmania! website lists over 150 Wurzels songs! In addition The Mangledwurzels have written over a dozen or so of their own songs. The Mangledwurzels normally play a 30-song set - we can't do them all! It is no surprise that 18 of the standard set are from the Wurzels' Finest 'Arvest album, as these are the songs that most people know and love and expect to hear. In saying that, we are constantly looking at trying new songs, so ask and you never know, we might add it to the set!

  • Is Hedge Cutter related to Adge Cutler?

No, not at all. Hedge started saying that he was actually the love child of Adge Cutler and Pete Budd - but so many people started to believe him that we all got rather scared! Hedge was originally asked to join the band because we knew that he was the kind of idiot who wouldn't mind dressing up and making a fool of himself on stage. It was only when we started performing in our stage gear that it became evident that he does look uncannily like Adge and Pete!

  • Why aren't you drinking scrumpy?

We have been asked that at gigs numerous times. We stand on stage singing about drinking up our cider, and yet we seem to be drinking coke or water! There are two good reasons for this. Cider, while certainly being good for 'ee, isn't always good for our performances. The Mangledwurzels like to think of ourselves as professionals - and being too drunk to remember the words, or play your instrument (or stand up unaided) doesn't impress the audience or the person who booked you! Also, we have drive to the gigs, and so need to be sober enough to drive home afterwards... So, one drink a night is our limit - and when you are arrive to play at a pub with a barful of real ales and ciders, it is sometimes very hard to maintain that level of professionalism! So - you enjoy the cider, and we'll try not to drool into our instruments...

  • What is a Mangledwurzel?

The mangold-wurzel (or mangel-wurzel) is a member of the family Chenopodiaceae, genus Beta (beets). The beets include the sugar beet, beetroot, and Swiss chard. The mangold-wurzel (Beta vulgaris vulgaris) is a subspecies of the common beet.
[source: Mangold Hurling Association website]