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The Mangledwurzels have been booked to play gigs at Pubs and Clubs, Village Greens, Music Festivals, Charity Fundraisers, Agricultural Shows, Beer and Cider Festivals, Wedding Receptions, Birthday and Anniversary Parties (surprise parties are always fun!), Corporate Functions, Wassails, Apple Day events and Christmas Parties (we've even performed on the SS Great Britain!).

The Mangledwurzels are a three-piece band capable of providing a performance intimate enough for the smallest of venue, pub or club, or big enough for a large outdoor event or indoor arena such as the Bristol Harbourside Festival or Bath Pavilion. The Mangledwurzels effortlessly convey their innate sense of fun and humour to their audiences both through the song lyrics and their performance. The Mangledwurzels can be guaranteed to satisfy any size of audience regardless of age, gender or musical preferences.

The bands requirements are minimal:
A performance space large enough for three musicians, one set of keyboards, a bass drum and the PA (circa 3m wide x 2.5m deep)
Mains power within easy reach.
Parking for three vehicles, preferably within easy access for loading/unloading.
Some form of changing room/area (nothing too plush) is required - but don't ask them to change in the toilets!
A food and (soft) drinks rider is requested (usually free rein at the buffet or hog roast). Other drinks are not mandatory, but a round on the house is always appreciated!

The band can provide all their own equipment. They carry PA systems to cope with a range of venue sizes, and their own (on) stage lighting.

If you are interested in booking The Mangledwurzels:

1. Check the Band Calendar to see whether The Mangledwurzels are available for a specific date

  • The Band Calendar page is updated on a daily basis showing blocked dates (excludes ongoing enquiries)
  • Please book early to avoid disappointment.
  • The band can be booked for more than one gig on the same day - as long as distance and times allow - if in doubt, feel free to complete an enquiry form anyway!

2. Complete the Online Enquiry Form

  • Complete as much of the form as you can. The more information you give us, the more accurate our quotation will be.
  • Please ALWAYS make sure that you include a VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS and phone number (preferably both) so we can get back to you!
  • Completing this does not constitute a contract and is solely for enquiry purposes.

3. We will contact you with availability and prices as soon as possible!

  • If you have not had an answer within five working days - email us
  • Enquiries are dealt with in order of receipt. When dates clash, first refusal is normally given to the initial enquirer.