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Please note - this is not the official website for The Wurzels. If you want to book The Wurzels, contact the band's manager Sil Wilcox through official Wurzels website.

playing live at
The Wheatpieces, Walton Cardiff, Tewkesbury
Sunday 2nd May 2010

Wurzels Tribute Night!

The Mangledwurzels will be performing from 8.00pm.

Venue Info

The Wheatpieces, 2 Clifford Avenue, Walton Cardiff, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire GL20 7RW

  • tel: 01684 274420

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The Mangledwurzels with cider maker Bryan Mead at Valley View Farm, Batcombe.

Seth Pitt applies the handbrake as The Mangledwurzels arrive at Cadbury Garden Centre in Congresbury on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (17 Nov 2007)

The Mangledwurzels on stage with Santa Clause at Cadbury Garden Centre in Congresbury (17 Nov 2007)

Seth Pitt with his blackthorn stick at Fox & Badger, Wellow


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