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playing live at
152nd East Brent Harvest Home
Easty Brent, near Highbridge
Saturday 28th August 2009

152nd East Brent Harvest Home

Church service, luncheon, auction of surplus goods, raffle, slave auction, afternoon tea and evening entertainment. Church service at 11am. Luncheon at 12.45pm; advanced tickets £16.00. Afternoon tea at 4.15pm (small charge). Evening entertainment at 8.00pm with The Mangledwurzels,The Ten Pound Suit Band and DJ Slimboy Fat (email); tickets £9.00.

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Venue Info

The venue for the Harvest Home is inside a large marquee in a field by the side of A370, main road into Weston from Highbridge (A38). The entrance into the marquee is in Jarvis Lane, East Brent, Highbridge, Somerset TA9 4HS. Car parking available in the field.

  • tel: 01278 760695

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