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special guests at
"The Shepton Rock Flock
" (Frome Festival 2008) at
Memorial Theatre, Frome
Tuesday 8th July 2008

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Jeff and Philip giving their talk
Jeff Body with his sheep (from the festival programme)

thanks to Seth Pitt for the photographs

The Shepton Rock Flock [Event Code 805] at Frome Festival 2008

The Shepton Rock Flock was part of the Frome Festival 2008 where festival goers were invited to meet Jeff Body and Philip Ledbury. The Mangledwurzels (well, Jethro and Seth) were invited along as guests - although not as part of the show - as they wrote and performed The Shepton Sheep song mentioned in the programme notes!

The prgramme says "meet Jeff, whose iconic cast sheep decorate the Cannards Grave Roundabout. They are cult figures, have their own song and notelets, have had their own calendar, and are lovingly described in Philip's Dead Man Writing. Philip recounts the battles over siting the sheep, and Jeff demonstrates how they are created.

Venue Info

The Assembly Rooms, Memorial Theatre, Christchurch Street West, Frome, Somerset BA11 1EB

  • tel: 01373 452593

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