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playing live at
Sense Of Place at
Bristol International Airport
Sunday 5th August 2007

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Hedge and Jethro convincing Seth that his guitar will sound a lot better being played in Cork.
Seth and Jethro helping Hedge drink up the cider.

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Sense Of Place

Bristol International Sense of Place initiative seeks to create an enhanced, relaxing and stimulating environment for our travelling passengers, visitors and customers. Airports are often perceived as clinical, public spaces associated with the stresses of journeying by air. We would like to ensure that all our passengers enjoy not only an exceptional level of customer service but also benefit from a positive and interactive environment that reflects the identity of the South West. Sense of Place also offers an invaluable platform to artists, performers and community projects from around the region to showcase their individual forms of entertainment and creative art.

On 5th August 2007, The Mangledwurzels played two live sets in the Airport Foyer as part of the project. Amongst the travelling customers was a a rather jet-lagged Acker Bilk on his way back home to Pensford. I suspect we rather scared the pants off him who must have seen Hedge and thought it was Adge Cutler welcoming him to the afterlife. Acker, many apologies!

Venue Info

Bristol International Airport, Lulsgate Bottom, Bristol BS48 3DY

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