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playing live at
'A Scrumptious Zummerset Evening' at
Farrington Gurney Memorial Hall
Sunday 18th March 2006

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Ooh Ar, Ooh Ar – 'Ow Bist?

On Saturday 18th March, Farrington Gurney Memorial Hall resonated to the sounds of The Mangledwurzels, a Scrumpy and Western Tribute Band, celebrating the works of Zummerzet’s finest Bard, the late Adge Cutler and his band the Wurzels.

The concert had been arranged by members and friends of the village's Methodist Church as part of their "Outreach Into The Community Initiative". It was therefore pleasing to see Methodists from around the circuit amongst the audience, many of whom had entered into the spirit of the evening by dressing Wurzel-style. The 'best dressed' Wurzel competition was judged by Rev. Mandy, who put the entrants through their paces by making them recite some Wurzelspeak. Had she not been the judge, she might have won the prize herself but the winners were a husband and wife team who made the trip up from Exeter.

With Hedge Cutter on vocals and percussion, Jethro Tool on electronikal (sic) wurzelhorns and backing vocals and Seth Pitt on guitars, bass drum and vocals, The Mangledwurzels kept the packed hall entertained with their versions of classic Wurzel songs like Drink up thy Zider, I've got a Brand New Combine Harvester, The Blackbird and Champion Dung Spreader together with their interpretations of modern pop hits. Seth Pitt, who hails from Farrington Gurney, had also composed an eponymously titled song about the village.

In keeping with the theme of the evening, the ladies of the church had prepared a scrumptious Ploughman’s Supper. All those in attendance enjoyed a 'girt big dollop' of fun and entertainment and a handsome profit was made, which has helped to pay for the much-needed refurbishment of the kitchen at the Methodist Church.

Thanks go to everyone who contributed to the success of the evening.

Richard Pierce

published in CIRCUIT LINK,
Midsomer Norton Methodist Circuit Newsletter;
June-Aug 2006 Edition
reprinted here with permission

One of the two winners of the Best Dressed Wurzel competition.
One of several runners-up in the Best Dressed Wurzel competition.
Seth Pitt chats to fans over a Ploughman's Supper.
One of several runners-up in the Best Dressed Wurzel competition after eating all the pies!

The original Farrington Gurner.

A Scrumptious Zummerset Evening

The Mangledwurzels are due on stage from 9pm.

Venue Info

Farrington Gurney Memorial Hall, Church Lane, Farrington Gurney, Bristol BS39 6TY

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