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playing live at
Jean's 60th Birthday Party at
The Oxfordshire Golf Club, Thame, Oxfordshire
Sunday 29th October 2006

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The Mangledwurzels posing with former beauty queen and birthday girl Jean
"Lord help us", said the Vicar, "’tis The Mangledwurzels come!"
Party-goers take to the floor for the Dung-Spreaders Waltz
The Mangledwurzels posing on stage with one of the guests
Birthday girl Jean and her family (centre, in red) with guests crowd around the stage
Birthday guests about to be presented with their musical instruments for the second set
More birthday guests queuing up for their musical instruments

thanks to Nick Nixey and Daisy Cutter for the photographs

Jean's 60th Birthday Party

Venue Info

The Oxfordshire Golf Club, Rycote Lane, Milton Common, Thame, Oxfordshire OX9 2PU

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The Mangledwurzels caught red-handed stealing the award-winning cheeses at the Frome Cheese Show (Sep 2009)

Hedge Cutter performing to the crowds at the Plymouth University Students Union Cider Festival (27 Nov 2006)

Hedge Cutter and Seth Pitt in action at the Cheese & Grain, Frome (28 Feb 2007)

Seth Pitt with his blackthorn stick at Fox & Badger, Wellow


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