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playing live at
Baptist Church Music Marathon
at Shepton Mallet Baptist Church
Saturday 22nd October 2005

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The Mangledwurzels played an unplugged set at the Baptist Church Music Marathon at Shepton Mallet Baptist Church, Commercial Road, Shepton Mallet on the afternon of the 22nd October 2005.

The Shepton Mallet Journal (27th October 2005) ran the following article with a nice full colour picture. Due to a technical gliche in the scanning, we were only sent a black and white scan of the article. The scanned article is online here.

12-hour Charity Music Marathon

Organisers want to pass on a big thank you to everyone who helped raise more than £450 for the Niger Appeal at a music marathon at the weekend.

Henry Catlin, of Shepton Mallet Baptist Church in Commercial Road said they were delighted that the 12-hour music marathon had been so well supported and raised such a sum.

Mr Catlin said: "It was great and I wanted to thank everyone who gave freely of the time and talent.

"Due to popular demand we will organise another event like this next year.

"Thanks again, guys and girls, and god bless you all."

Pictured right: The Mangled Wurzels were amongst those taking part

Baptist Church Music Marathon

Venue Info

Shepton Mallet Baptist Church, Commercial Road, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 5BU

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