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Please note - this is not the official website for The Wurzels. If you want to book The Wurzels, contact the band's manager Sil Wilcox through official Wurzels website.

playing live at
wedding reception in
Saturday 3rd September 2005

The Mangledwurzels' first ever wedding performance. We played two songs 'unplugged' - Jethro is armed with an African Talking Drum!

The Mangledwurzels arrive at the wedding reception
The Mangledwurzels playing at wedding reception
The Mangledwurzels performing for the bridge at wedding reception
A happy bride as The Mangledwurzels perform at her wedding reception

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Hedge poised to do his owl impersonation at Pete & Bex's wedding reception in Bitton (18/8/7)

The Mangledwurzels performing on stage at the EDF Energy Bristol Harbour Festival (2 Aug 2008)

The Manglewurzels 2017 photo-shoot at Newton Farm Shop, Bath (10th April 2017)

The Mangledwurzels with the Shepton Sheep


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