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taking part in the
Annual Mangold Hurling Championships at
Sherston Village Field, Sherston
Sunday 2nd October 2011

Annual Mangold Hurling Championships

The Ancient Order of Sherston Mangold Hurlers Annual Mangold Hurl takes place on Sherston Village Green every October. In 2006, Team Mangledwurzel (Hedge, Seth and Jethro) took part in the event, and reached the semi-final. Now they are back - and this time it's serious!

The event starts at noon, with The Mangledwurzels performing two sets from 2.30pm.

Venue Info

Sherston Village Hall, Sherston, Wiltshire SN16 0LH

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Seth Pitt in action at the Cheese & Grain, Frome (28 Feb 2007)

Seth Pitt with his blackthorn stick at Fox & Badger, Wellow

A special guest vocalist helps out at The Mangledwurzels live album recording gig at Charlton Inn, Shepton Mallet (25 Nov 2006).

Hedge and Seth giving it their all on stage at the Ansford & Castle Cary French Twinning Exchange Concert at Caryford Hall (12 Apr 2009)


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