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Please note - this is not the official website for The Wurzels. If you want to book The Wurzels, contact the band's manager Sil Wilcox through official Wurzels website.

playing live at
Cider Festival at

Winyard's Gap Inn, Beaminster
Saturday 18th August 2012

Cider Festival

Normal pub opening hours; The Mangledwurzels will be performing from 8pm, with a disco playing before, between and after our sets.

Free entry.

Venue Info

Winyards Gap Inn, Chedington, Beaminster, Dorset DT8 3HY

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The Mangledwurzels in the Winners Enclosure at Brighton Racecourse during the Brighton Cider Festival (29 Apr 2007).

Jethro at Tiverton Pannier Market at the Electric Nights Street-food event (3rd June 2017)

Seth Pitt astride a cow-hide clad motorbike outside the Cat & Wheel in Bristol

The Manglewurzels 2017 photo-shoot at Newton Farm Shop, Nr. Bath (10th April 2017)


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