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Please note - this is not the official website for The Wurzels. If you want to book The Wurzels, contact the band's manager Sil Wilcox through official Wurzels website.

playing live at
Open Farm Day at
Mill Farm, Wedmore
Sunday 7th June 2009

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The Mangledwurzels with Chaz Maguire and Issac after the performance
The Mangledwurzels with Ian Hooper and family after the performance

thanks to Seth Pitt for the photographs

Open Farm Day

with live music from The Mangledwurzels.

Venue Info

Mill Farm, Quab Lane, Wedmore, Somerset BS28 4AR

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Hedge and Seth entertaining the crowds at the Sherston Boules Festival (15 July 2006)

The Mangledwurzels with the Shepton Sheep

The Manglewurzels 2017 photo-shoot at Newton Farm Shop, Bath (10th April 2017)

The Mangledwurzels on stage at the Holt Music Festival (7 June 2008)


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