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playing live at
Charity Fundraiser at Aquetong Farm
Lea, Malmesbury, Wiltshire
20 April 2007

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"The Mangledwurzels hit our stage at 8.30pm with costumes and wigs to die for. Getting the crowd straight into the swing of things they started on true form. The large barn seemed the perfect setting with hog roast in one corner, bar in another and the band on a trailer in front of a combine harvester!

We had 248 people arrive in the course of the evening to see the fantastic band who kept the crowd going all the way. A great event for the villagers and farmers to let their hair down with their friends.

Thank you Mangledwurzels for helping us raise £4,000 for our charities - Lea Pre School and CLIC."

[Ed. Those aren't wigs!!!]

Charity Fundraiser for Lea Pre School and CLIC

Venue Info

Aquetong Farm, Lea, Malmesbury, Wiltshire SN16 9PE

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The Manglewurzels 2017 photo-shoot at Newton Farm Shop, Bath (10th April 2017)

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The Manglewurzels 2017 photo-shoot at Newton Farm Shop, Nr. Bath (10th April 2017)


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