Notes for The Mangledwurzels Enquiry Form

Your Details: These are required so that we can maintain contact with you. This information will also be used on any contract (unless you request otherwise by providing an alternative). PRIVACY POLICY: We will only use information supplied by you to administer your enquiry and for correspondence regarding your enquiry. Such information will NOT be shared with any third party or passed on for marketing or other purposes.

Event Details: The more information you can give us about the venue, the easier it will be for us to ensure a smooth and untroubled event. We are aware that you might not have all the information to hand, but please complete as much as you can.

Date(s) Required: Feel free to check the BAND CALENDAR on our website to see currently blocked dates. Be aware that other dates (shown as currently available) may be subject to an ongoing enquiry - we'll let you know if this is the case and update you accordingly.
Our practice is to treat enquiries in the order that they are received, so please enquire as early as possible - especially if it is for a special date/event - as receiving your enquiry first will ensure you first refusal for the date. (If you leave it too late to get in touch, someone else might get in there first!)

Venue Size/Capacity: An approximation of the size of the venue and/or the number of people attending will allow us to determine which PA and lights to bring.

Type of Event: It is useful to know whether this is an open/public, ticketed, private or corporate event, or a special event (such as a birthday, wedding, or anniversary*), a charity event, a surprise or themed party, etc. (*It's useful to know the names of the bride and groom or birthday boy/girl, and any other relevant details.)

Indoor or Outdoor: An outdoor performance will require a secure power supply and weatherproof stage area (with roof, back and sides) to protect the equipment. An alternate indoor location should be provided in case of inclement weather (failure to provide an adequate alternative may result in a performance being cancelled). The decision whether or not to perform outside will be dependent on conditions on the day and at the sole discretion of the artistes. Please note there is a Health & Safety issue here regarding wet (or even damp) conditions which could effect electrical equipment.

Performance Times: The band normally offer their standard show containing two 45-minute sets with a 30 minute break in between or our single 60 minute set (which we've found works well especially at weddings) – but negotiable if you have other requirements. Note there will usually be an additional charge if the band is required to play after midnight or if required to set up many hours prior to performance.

Timings: The band will normally arrive two hours before the designated start time. It takes an hour to set-up the equipment, and 5-10 minutes to sound check, and some time to get changed into their stage gear. This leaves a reasonable amount of time to cover any unexpected problems that may arise.
If there is a specific time regarding the earliest access to a venue, or a specific sound check time is required, please let us know in advance (to prevent waiting outside a locked building, or for diners to finish/tables cleared before we can set up)!

PA & Lights: The band carries various PA's for use depending on the size of the venue, as well as their own (on stage) lighting. They could also plug into a suitable house PA if relevant.

Additional Information: This covers any other eventualities. Let us know if there will be any other artistes/acts/disco/rodeo bull/etc. booked, which we may need to work around, or a house PA (or sound engineer) provided. Are there any specific requirements regarding an event? Also, if the event is ticketed, how much are the tickets and what are they available? And feel free to ask any questions or queries.